Nanovetores Tecnologia S.A. is a worldwide known Brazilian company for the development of nano and micro encapsulation systems with natural actives. Our exclusive and patented technology in encapsulation of natural actives inserts our products in the concept of Green
Chemistry, with natural, rigid, biodegradable and biocompatible particles for multifunctional and innovative applications. We are committed to sustainability, all of our products are developed in a clean and green process, in aqueous environment and free of organic solvents, which provides security for the environment and for the consumers. Our R&D team includes renowned professionals with international experience and superior expertise of 15 years in actives encapsulation systems. We accumulate several awards and grants that enhance the innovative differential and the versatility of Nanovetores technology platform, that combined with the creativity of our team provides the expansion of innovative work for various industrial segments. Among the awards and grants won by Nanovetores are:

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